1. Locate the private key and certificate files. The following directives in the httpd.conf point to the location of the key and certificate files:
    • SSLCertificateFile …/path/to/mycertfile.crt
    • SSLCACertificateFile /path/to/intermediate.crt
    • SSLCertificateKeyFile …/path/to/mykeyfile.key
  2. Copy the .key file, both .crt files (one is the server certificate and the other is the intermediate CA certificate), and the httpd.conf file onto a thumb drive or CD.
    • <filename>.key private key
    • <filename>.crt server certificate
    • <filename>.crt intermediate CA certificate
    • httpd.conf – Web server configuration file.

We highly recommend backing up your SSL Certificate on a thumb drive or CD.